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Many of our competitors will say they treat their customers like family but we share life with our customers. We have been invited to birthday parties and graduation parties. We have mourned beside our customers at the loss of friends, family members even pets. We have been invited to weddings and performed one in our store. There is a difference between just treating someone like family during a short visit versus truly living life together.

We strive to provide you with quality name brand products that are reliable.
We make your dreams affordable today!

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We know most of the country lives paycheck to paycheck, so when you give us part of your hard-earned money we want to give you the most for it. Our pricing is so good that some of our competitors current and former employees rent from us. Most of our staff have grown up in rent to own families so we understand that you pay a little more for the things you want and need. We not only want to rent you the items you need or want, but we priortize building a long-term relationship with you, upon the cornerstones of integrity and satisfaction.

Stability is important, and we aren’t going anywhere. Between the owner and the manager there are 60 years of combined rent to own experience.

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